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MRC President and Founder Brent Bozell rebuked President Joe Biden’s State Department following MRC Free Speech America’s exposé on the government’s plot to brainwash children into becoming leftist activists through taxpayer-funded programs.

Bozell drew attention to “Orwellian” MRC findings revealing that the scandal-plagued Department of State used taxpayer money to finance a German censorship effort that trained teachers to “inoculate” U.S. students against conservative ideas. “This is brainwashing at the youngest of an age to believe that conservatives are not to be trusted,” Bozell told WMAL radio host Larry O’Connor Wednesday. “They are now training teachers how to teach children … to be left-wing activists,” Bozell added, referring to the crux of the taxpayer-funded plan.

MRC Free Speech America’s report, headlined “How the Biden Administration Pushed German Censorship to American Teachers,” pulled back the curtain on how a U.S. Embassy to Germany sponsored a year-long series of seminars with over 700 educators involving the University of Rhode Island and the infamous German-based University of Würzburg spanning from 2021 to 2022. The goal? Training teachers how to teach children to stifle free speech.

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The scheme involved the use of notoriously leftist media ratings firms that have faced mass scrutiny over their disproportionate hostility against right-leaning media that don’t comport with leftist ideologies. Bozell continued, “The tools that they’re using are tools from the companies NewsGuard and Ad Fontes. These are two self-proclaimed judges on what is and what isn’t reliable and believable in media today, who insist they’re objective, and both of them have an overwhelming left-wing agenda.”

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A fired-up Bozell pointed out that this entire scheme is being bought and paid for at the expense of Americans’ tax dollars. “This is all using American tax money. The first question we ask ourselves is: What in the world is it any business of the United States State Department to be doing this?” asked Bozell. 

A seemingly shocked O’Connor responded to the MRC Free Speech America findings with grave concern, particularly as the taxpayer-funded plan drew parallels to the staunch propaganda operations that had plagued Nazi Germany. 

Specifically, O’Connor said, “I sort of expect this behavior from Germany because I know my history and there was a whole Hitler Youth thing that went on, and then there was propaganda going on there. But, you know, for an administration who likes to spend a lot of time calling their political opponents authoritarians and Nazis, for them to actually fund this through the State Department and then brainwash children and teachers about how evil conservatives are. I mean, that sounds kinda Hitler-y.”

Bozell agreed, calling the incestuous relationship between the federal government and the U.S.-based and German universities’ “media literacy” schemes “Orwellian.” 

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