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Syndicated radio host Mark Levin broke down President Joe Biden’s anti-free speech record and he was not nice, to say the least.

President Joe Biden’s consistent assault on Americans’ First Amendment right to free speech places him far away from the likes of George Washington, Levin declared on Sunday. The Fox News host of Life, Liberty & Levin directly responded to Biden’s Friday speech on the third anniversary of the Jan. 6 Capitol protest, during which the scandal-ridden president attempted to portray Republicans as threats to the Constitution. Instead, Levin drew attention to Biden’s war on free speech online to highlight that he – not Republicans — posed a threat to the nation. “Let's talk about the Constitution, ‘Mr. I'm Defending Democracy,’” Levin mockingly said of Biden.

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The most disturbing attacks on the First Amendment highlighted by Levin included the launch of the now-defunct Disinformation Governance Board, government collusion with Big Tech to censor speech online, and the funding of leftist entities seeking to destroy right-leaning media. “Biden's regime pressured social media platforms and what is the most massive attack on free speech since Woodrow Wilson, another racist Democrat,” Levin continued. 

“Biden-aligned stealth-tracking groups pressured campaigns to drop advertising on conservative outlets. ‘Democracy,’ he says,” Levin mocked. Among the leftist watchdog groups targeting right-leaning media advertisers include dystopian outfits like Ad Fontes, NewsGuard and the George Soros-tied Global Disinformation Index.

In September 2023, Levin blasted Ad Fontes — a media ratings firm and a self-proclaimed arbiter of truth and facts — following an MRC Free Speech America exposé into the company’s dubious ratings. “This is how totalitarian regimes conduct themselves,” Levin said of the negative ratings Ad Fontes placed on his flagship shows. “Of course… “I am considered ‘unreliable.’”

Additionally, NewsGuard and the GDI, both of which have been funded by the federal government, were subject to scathing criticism in the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act. The new law prohibits the Pentagon from doing business with companies to target Americans’ speech.

Mark Levin Blasts Media Ratings Company Ad Fontes Following MRC Bombshell 

But that’s not all. Levin also tore apart the Biden administration’s sordid efforts to construct its own personal Ministry of Truth. “First Amendment: Biden and his regime set up a national Disinformation Board under the notoriously named Department of Homeland Security,” Levin said earlier in the segment. “To what? To curb the information-sharing that is not accurate according to the government. They had to back out once it was revealed but they're now doing in the shadows, they haven’t stopped.”

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