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The Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway had a few words to say for the leftist Internet traffic cops over at NewsGuard and the dystopian Global Disinformation Index: Their work is “un-American.”

In a Monday interview on Fox News’s Ingraham Angle, Hemingway, who is suing the Department of State for its funding of entities plotting to destroy media that question the government, blasted both NewsGuard and GDI for seeking to hurt media organizations that are not “toeing” the Biden regime’s line. 

“I think Americans would be really horrified to know how much of their taxpayer dollars have gone into not just helping launch some of these things, but also helping market, promote, and work with them,” Hemingway told Fox News host Laura Ingraham. Earlier in the interview, Hemingway highlighted that NewsGuard has rewarded leftist media that have “peddled” the Russian collusion hoax and the Justice Brett Kavanaugh rape conspiracy theory.



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“If you have done anything to debunk those stories with real facts and real information, you are rated as ‘risky’ or ‘not to be trusted,’” Hemingway added. “This matters because your ability to compete in the news marketplace is affected by these groups. They influence how people allocate advertising, how search algorithms are done and GDI is just one, again, of hundreds of these groups.”

Indeed, as MRC Free Speech America revealed for the third consecutive year, NewsGuard disproportionately hails leftist media as more “credible” than right-leaning media. On average, MRC researchers found that NewsGuard gives left-leaning media a stellar average rating of 91 (out of 100). By contrast, right-leaning outlets are strangled with a scant average “credibility” rating of 65 (out of 100). Left-wing media like The New York Times, The Washington Post, TIME and Politico are anointed with perfect 100/100 scores, while Fox News (69.5/100), The Federalist (12.5/100) and The Daily Wire (49.5/100) are punished.

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Hemingway warned that ratings firms like NewsGuard affect free speech and the operations of right-leaning media. “This type of censorship affects what type of news and information people can get on every issue that matters, on every issue that affects elections,” she continued. “It can be anything from foreign policy, to domestic policy; to how we talk about trans issues or life issues or economic issues. It's everything and it's the most un-American thing to get involved in censoring this speech.”

The Federalist, along with The Daily Wire and the Texas Attorney General, sued the U.S. Department of State for its disturbing, alleged funding of NewsGuard and other tools prone to censor right-leaning media. “It's not just the State Department. It's also the Pentagon. It's also the Department of Homeland Security,” Hemingway declared.

Hemingway’s remarks came a week after Congress passed the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act, which includes a provision that blocks the Department of Defense from placing recruiting advertisements on websites based “on personal or institutional political preferences or biases, or determinations of misinformation.” If signed, the law would mark the first real victory against government-tied censorship during the Biden presidency.

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