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Another scientist, who originally disregarded the COVID lab leak theory, came under harsh scrutiny by Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) in a recent U.S. Senate Committee hearing.

On Tuesday, Hawley scolded Dr. Robert Gary during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on “the truth about COVID-19’s origins.” The Missouri senator blasted Gary about his piece in the Nature Medicine journal which denied the possibility of COVID originating from a lab leak.

“Dr. Gary, you were part of this propaganda effort. I mean you were right at the center of it. It’s astounding. You wrote this piece — this Nature magazine piece or whatever it was — that we’ve heard testimony here today. Nature Medicine March 17, 2020. We’ve heard testimony here today from other scientists on the panel that it’s basically an opinion piece,” Hawley said. 

Paraphrasing from the journal, the senator said, “You said at the time that definitively SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct, is NOT a laboratory construct. Of course, our own government key agencies have concluded otherwise. And on the basis of this, Dr. Fauci and others cited this piece and went out to use it to mobilize our own government to censor people who asked questions about it.”

Hawley emphasized the dire consequences of the censorship, saying, “People lost their jobs because of this. They lost their jobs, they lost their standing. They were kicked off Facebook. They were kicked off Twitter. Do you regret being part of this effort, this propaganda effort?”

Three other scientific experts testified before the committee: Dr. Gregory Koblentz, Steven Quay, and Dr. Richard Ebright. The committee summoned the four witnesses in order to ascertain “the truth about COVID-19’s origins.” 

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